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Profile of the millionaire

Name Susanne Hardnuckle
Age 39 3/4
Location France
Occupation Brothel Owner
Wealth 3 million euro
Source of wealth From an early age I loved being with people - despite the comments they made about my looks. It was thus only natural that I turned to prostitution when I became sixteen. It is amazing the number of men who would rather be with an ugly woman than a beautiful one. Often they only want to talk about their business problems and their hernias. As I got used to the game I realised that there was big money to be made so, with a loan from the bank, I set up my first house. That was twenty years ago and now I have 30 girls working for me. Even though I meet dozens of men each day I have never met Mr Right - so, in that way, I am still a virgin. A very rich virgin.
Interests Love meeting people. I am a great organiser and would spend all day organizing a bus queue (if I didn't travel by Rolls Royce)
Likes Intellectual, adventurous people. Parties.
Dislikes Being bored.

Profile of the ideal partner

Age 30 - 35
Looks Sophisticated
Personality Good mannered - a gentleman.
Must Enjoy life.
Must not Smoke or go with prostitutes.


I wish to give up my business, get married and have two children.