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Some of our many love and marriage success stories.

Circus midget marries sexy super model after whirlwind romance. 
Name Major Wuthering Lowes MBE RSVP

Age 27 1/2
Occupation Millionaire circus owner, clown, acrobat and international playboy.
Story Until I met Terri all my relationships were all so shallow - all I ever wanted from a girl was sex. I was a proper cad, bedding one gorgeous girl after another. I joined the Marry an Ugly Millionaire dating agency as just another means of finding more lovelies to love and leave but when I met Terri I realised that this had to be a long term relationship. I expect I will love her forever. Well that may be a slight exaggeration for already she's beginning to bore me but I will definitely love her for several months - which for me is an eternity.


Name Terri Cottah 
Age 21
Occupation Doting wife.
Story A friend sent me the link to Marry an Ugly Millionaire dating agency for a laugh. But the moment I saw the picture of Major Wuthering Lowes MBE RSVP I immediately fell in love - he's such a little cutie. I applied to marry him and was incredibly lucky to be chosen. Within two weeks I had given up my job as a super model and was happily married. Now instead of rushing around the globe doing photo shoots I spend my days washing clothes, ironing, cooking and cleaning the house for my darling husband. I know we are soul mates and will live forever in joy and love.