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One of our many love and marriage success stories.

Fat ugly manure mogul marries virgin Vanity and find undying love. 
Name Tossa Lotta-Thymes

Age 33
Occupation Manure Manufacturer - Director 
Story My dedication to my job meant that I never had time to go out and find a nice girl to marry. Every day was full of shit. But shit is worth a lot of money! My herd of 5000 bulls produced a massive amount of shit every single day. This bull shit found its way all over the world and can be seen in some of the finest gardens creating fabulous flowers and organic vegetables. When I met Vanity I fell in love immediately. She is so sexy, so interesting, so lacking in huge amounts of repulsive bidy fat. She obviously finds something about me attractive, for the first thing she asked was how rich I was - isn't she cute. With the help of the fantastic Marry an Ugly Millionaire staff we were married within a week. They did all the arrangements - even transferring 40% of my wealth into Vanity's bank account and 10% into their own. (I guess it my own fault for not reading the small print) but it has all be worth while for we have had several days of total happiness since we married last year (unfortunately I don't see much of Vanity as she enjoys travelling so much)


Name Vanity Caise
Age 19
Occupation I was a struggling student. Now I am a full time international traveller.
Story Ever since I was a young girl I dreamt of meeting a handsome prince and been carried of to a life of ecstatic pleasure in a fairytale castle. But when I met Tossa I realised that money was much more important than love or romance. He's a nice man though, and I do send him postcards very often - when I can remember. Thanks, Marry an Ugly Millionaire, you have made me a very happy and unbelievably wealthy girl. When I divorce Tossa I will certainly use your excellent online dating services again!!!