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Profile of the man.

Marry this king and become his queen. Help him rule the country and help his people find happiness.
Name King Dom of Khidonski 

Age 42
Location Khidonski 
Occupation King
About me This is more about my country than me so I hope you will understand. Back in 1960 civil war broke out in my country and we have not seen a days peace in all the time since them. Previously my people had lived in peace and happiness but in the late 50's televisions began to be imported into the country. Within a few years there were thousands and thousands of people who owned a television. Then came tragedy for many of my countrymen believed television to be evil and much bitterness sprung up between those who had a television and those who did not. Soon bitterness turned to hatred and hatred to war -  neighbour fought neighbour - brother killed brother. Soon thousands of my people were dead and the war continued. Then in the early seventies the war took a bizarre twist, colour television arrived. The television army was split and quickly fought amongst themselves. More hatred, violence and murders took place. Now, my poor country is in complete disarray - the people are starving. The war must end or the country will be completely destroyed. But I have a plan which needs the help of a wealthy benevolent woman. I hope to create peace again by uniting my people once more. I shall do this by giving every citizen a computer with full broadband internet access. But to do this I need YOUR help. Marry me and make my people happy once more.
Why a millionaire should choose me. You will help bring peace and happiness to a country of 250,000 people. In return you will become my queen and help rule. My estate of 5000 cattle and 200 hens will become yours.