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Profile of the millionaire

Name Randy Burkoff
Age 33
Location California
Occupation Bank robber (retired)
Wealth $4 million
Source of wealth After flunking school I turned to crime. It was all small stuff to begin with - my first theft was from my grannies piggy bank. when I got away with that I stole three 6 inch nails from a hardware shop. Before I knew it I was into big time theft. There was armed robbery followed by more armed robbery followed by even more armed robbery - there were arms everywhere. It was all good clean fun but I was still stone broke. Then we struck it big! We blew a bank in Boston and got clean away with a cool $20. Split evenly between the four of us Snitch, The Bitch, Titch and me - I have still got most of my $4 million share. (not in a bank of course) My real name is not Randy Burkoff, it's Colin Morrison. But I didn't think it would to give my real name to a dating agency where the Fed might see it.
Interests Counting dollar bills. Holidays in Brazil. Making marzipan cakes. 
Likes Being rich. Booze. Being rich and drunk.
Dislikes Nose mucus.

Profile of the ideal partner

Age 28 - 38
Looks No uglies
Personality Must be forgiving
Must Like cooking with marzipan
Must not Have any convictions.


I would like to marry soon and settle in a South American country where I will never be found by the fuzz