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Profile of the millionaire

Name Mamboo Jenkins
Age Uncertain
Location Paris
Occupation Professional Beggar
Wealth 1,005,002 euro plus $122,000 plus 56,042 plus a lot of other currencies all stashed in a railway locker.
Source of wealth When only a baby I was born in Zambia to poor parents. My father had been a slave but after getting his freedom he discovered that getting another job as a slave was impossible. My mother did her best to feed us, I was the youngest in a family of seventeen. Most days we were lucky to eat a few beetles. When I was only four both my parents suddenly died. Losing both parents at the same time may seem careless but I was young and naive at the time. I took to the streets and began a life of begging which would take me all around the world. I was ambitious and was always looking for the best location and the right line to get maximum money from people. No silly "spare a dime" lines from me - I always thought big. Very quickly I was making hundreds of dollars a day. I move on to Europe where the pickings are bigger and the people more gullible. My fortune grew day by day but I never spent a cent! Soon my stash was over $100,000 I could easily have bought a house and settled down to a conventional life. But I was proud - I was the best beggar in Europe - I didn't want to give it up. Now I have more money than I know what to do with and wish to find a good women to help me spend it all before I go to the begging patch in the sky.
Interests Begging, 
Likes Partly smoked cigarettes and pre-used chewing gum that still has some of its flavour.
Dislikes I have a phobia for submarines.

Profile of the ideal partner

Age 25 to 30
Looks Don't matter as long as you are beautiful. Being a prima donnas ballerina would be an advantage.
Personality Must know how to spend money and be able to help me do so. (No beggars please.)
Must Have all her own teeth, hair and limbs. 
Must not Be a slave.


Marry me and have all my babies. (apart from the ones I already have from sleeping with lady tramps)