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Profile of the millionaire

Name Munchien der Dashwoune
Age 52
Location Berlin
Occupation International Dog Breeder and Culinary Expert. 
Wealth 8.5 million euro
Source of wealth Because of my extreme ugliness I was shunned by everyone at school. Even my mother despised me - I was given a different surname from my parents so they could pretend I was not their child. Until I was 18 they tried to have me adopted but no one would take me. The only friends I had were the stray dogs that roamed the streets of the ghetto where we lived. The dogs sensed my despair and looked after me and bringing me scraps of food to eat. It was through my love for dogs that I made my fortune. One day I was walking with my favourite dog friends, Annabel and Bonebitter. I stopped to stare into a restaurant.  As I stared longingly at the folk eating huge bundles of curry the owner came out. When he say my beautiful dogs he offered to buy them. It was then I realised the potential for breading dogs. From that moment on my life change - I now have 40 kennels in 8 different countries and supply fresh, lean dogs to thousands of restaurants.
Interests I am a naturist and when I do wear clothes I prefer to wear a dress. I travel frequently and spend a lot of time searching unusual places for breads of dogs with a unique flavour. 
Likes Music, ballet and torn stockings.
Dislikes All movie stars, cigar smoke and agnostics.

Profile of the ideal partner

Age Must be over 60.
Looks Motherly
Personality Motherly
Must Be motherly
Must not Flirt. Be sexy.


I wish to marry as soon as possible and settle down into a loving, platonic relationship.