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Marry an Ugly Millionaire Online Dating Agency

Rich gay men seeking men.

Profile of the millionaire

Rich lesbian nymphomaniac Losette desperately seeking true love.
Name Losette Tummie-Tuck
Age 19
Location Sweden 
Occupation Ballet Dancer 
Wealth 3.76  million euro
Source of wealth Daddy died in a freak accident. A freak fell on top off him.
Interests Clubbing, sex, dancing, sport, aerobics, gymnastics and eating vast amounts of greasy food.
Likes Girls with a manly figure and men with girly figures. 
Dislikes Any word that contains the letter Y. Anytime I read or write a word containing Y I must spit on the floor three times and pass urine on my panties. ( Otherwise I will be devoured by the vile wax slugs that live in my ears. )

Profile of the ideal partner

Age 18 - 81
Looks Must be ultra thin - I hate fat slovenly women.
Personality Friendly, interesting and into wild sex.
Must Prefer vowels to consonant.
Must not Use the letter Y in love letters.


I want to settle down into a caring relationship with my chosen partner but be free to experiment in sex with random strangers that I meet on buses and trains.