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Marry an Ugly Millionaire Online Dating Agency

Rich gay men seeking men.

Profile of the millionaire

Rich gay boy seeks old + young men for devious pleasure.
Name Missien Empossebell
Age I never tell my age to strangers.
Location Gay Paris
Occupation I paint my face white and stand on street corners. Men seem to like this and give me lots of money and a good seeing to. It's bizarre but politicians and celebrities are so gullible - I tell them that I will sell my story to the gutter press and they buy me little things like cars and houses. the irony is that I would never do anything to hurt the poor dears. 
Wealth 1.2 million euro
Source of wealth Befriending the over rich.
Interests I collect tinned spam. I have thousands of tins of spam from all over the world. To make my hobby more challenging I visit each country to buy their spam.
Likes Wearing clothes that shock people.
Dislikes Men who wear socks in bed - how revolting.

Profile of the ideal partner

Age 20 - 65
Looks Don't matter
Personality Gullible and neurotic with a persecution complex.
Must Have dark secrets which he doesn't want exposed.
Must not Want a long term relationship.


I want to meet people who will love me for what I am - a lying, cheating, scheming, inconsiderate bastard.