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Where to find Love.

Supermarkets are atrociously bad as  hunting grounds for love but reasonably good as places to find beans, coffee and bananas.


For Every Juliet - A Romeo

Most people have great difficulty finding the right partner, or indeed any partner. They may dream of finding their Prince Charming in the supermarket but after countless hours of futile pleading with complete strangers reality slowly sinks in.


They may fantasise that on a dull and dreary Monday morning, across a crowded railway platform, their eyes will suddenly meet with those of that special someone. And as they gaze longingly into each others souls an orchestra will play and the other passengers will spontaneously spring into dance.  The reality is that the ‘someone special’ turns out to be a Frankenstein look-alike who’s actually staring passionately at some geriatric down and out lying comatose in the gutter.


Dreams and fantasies quickly fade into the frightening truth - love is impossible to find. Ego’s deflated they prepare themselves for a life bereft of love and buy two cats and a dog to fill the void.


Despite the universal inability of people to find love what’s irritating is that all your friends are enjoying a fantastic sex life and even your gran is getting more sex than you. How can you find love and transform yourself from the sad and pathetic loser that you’ve become?


The main cause of your failure is not knowing where Cupid lurks waiting to shoot his little arrows. You must discover where your radiant charms and extraordinary charisma will be best appreciated. If, for example,  you are intolerably dull attend train spotters or stamp collectors clubs - where you will be exalted for your wit and charm. In general the secret of minimising rejection is knowing where people who are more desperate than you hang out.


Finding someone to love you is a simple matter of locating a person more desperate than yourself.

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