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Marry an Ugly Millionaire Dating Agency

Millionaire Dating

Why Date an Ugly Millionaire?

Fortunately the world is not full of beautiful people – most people are in fact verging on the hideous side of normal. 

But that doesn’t make them bad or unmarriable!  No - most ugly people have other traits that make up for their lack of good looks – personality, charisma, dependability, caring and VAST AMOUNTS OF MONEY. These traits add beauty to otherwise excessively overweight, fat, deformed and revoltingly ugly people. A beauty you can enjoy while sipping champagne on an exclusive a sun kissed beech.  


Why Date a Beautiful Millionaire?

Surely you don't need to ask?


What are the benefits of millionaire dating?

One of the main benefits is that you will not dine at MacDonalds then head off to some seedy hotel for a night of passion amongst the bed lice. With a millionaire your first date is more likely to be a fabulous meal on a luxurious yacht and then off to bed in a wonderful four poster bed.

After that it's up to you - with a millionaire's money behind you there will be the opportunity to fulfil all your dreams.

Don't forget to ensure that the premarital agreement makes sure that after the divorce you will have enough money for a life of fun and frills.


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NOTE: Okay we admit it - there are plenty of beautiful people using or online dating agency - so if you are looking for your dream mate you will also find them here!!