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Success in Love - Part 2 - Choosing the right partner.

If love were really blind finding a partner would be so much easier.


Choosing the right partner

The perfect partner for you depends entirely on your situation. It is probable that you will fit into one of three categories :


         Naively Optimistic

         Slightly Despairing

         Pitifully Desperate


The more desperate you have become the less choosy you should be. This is actually a good thing because if you are less discriminating there are an infinitely larger number of people to choose from. The attribute checklist below will help you decide whom you should chase after. Simply award points as follows:-



Man Hunting                       Points                   

Sex starved                               15                      

Naive and Gullible                    20                      

Looks like Greek God               8                       

Looks like Geek God               -4                      

Has all his own teeth                  5                       

Has borrowed friends teeth     -99                     

Drives a Jaguar                           9                      

Drives a rust old Mini                 1                      

Stylish and sophisticated            4                      

Rough and ready                        7                      

Is well endowed                        18                     


Female Seeking            Points

Nymphomaniac                  20

Sweet and innocent            10

Models for Versace             5

Models for Playboy            12

Has 38 silicon bust          -  2

Has 38 bust                        8

Drives                                -10

Wears a Micro Mini           12

Trendy and refined              4

Tart                                      8

Has endowment policy                                        yielding 14% over 10 years   6



If you are Naively Optimistic pursue anyone who scores more than 30 point.

If you are Slightly Despairing pursue anyone who scores more than 15 point.

If you are Tragically Desperate rip up the score sheet and chase after anything that moves.


The less discerning you are the greater your chances are of finding the partner of your dreams.

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