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10 richest celebrities - mega rich TV personalities, actors & actresses.

TOP 10 - World's Richest Celebrities
Name of Celebrity  Pay Details Photo
Oprah Winfrey $260 million Reality shows & Chat shows.
Tiger Woods

$100 million Hits little balls into little holes. Can do this very effectively.
$72 million Has a personality change every six months - also tries to sing and dance and act and tell jokes and . . . .
Rolling Stones
$88 million


Prehistoric rock stars - Mick Jagger and his mates in the Stones had the highest grossing tour in North America last year, bringing in $139 million.
Brad Pitt
$35 million Famous for being Angelina Jolie's husband. Also does not amateur acting. Watch out for him at your local rep.
Johnny Depp
$92 million Pirate and actor. Most of his salary comes from illegal acts of snatching Spanish Gold.
Elton John
$53million Pub pianist - this year, he celebrated his 60th birthday with his 60th concert at Madison Square Garden. Mostly known for spending $millions on flowers and parties. He was once an astronaut called Rocket Man.
Tom Cruise
$31 million Out of work actor - donations welcome.
$83 million Creates a strange sort of musical sound called Hip-Hop. Hangs out with Beyoncé.


The one on the left is Jay-Z the other is Beyoncé

Steven Spielberg $110 million Manages to make a living with his hobby of messing around with a movie camera.